Solo Backpacking: Loneliness and Happiness (Lisbon/Faro)

The saying goes that when you’re solo travelling you’re rarely actually alone. This is because of the friendly nature of other travellers whom you are bound to come into contact with.

But real talk here – in Lisbon I was lonely. I am someone who LOVES to be on their own, I like to potter around doing little bits and pieces I enjoy at my own pace but here, I felt it. I think it is partly due to the fact that I’d just been with my close friends for about a week and had loved being with them, so being plunged back into solo waters took me a few days to adjust to. In a previous post I’ve spoken about how I am learning to accept any anxiety or other feeling I experience and just ride it out and so that’s what I did in Lisbon. I slept in, I binged Netflix, took walks when I felt like it and sat by the river when I wanted to, I also went to the gym. I didn’t push myself to go stomping around the entire city because I knew I wasn’t up to it. Another beauty of solo travel is that I had the freedom to do just that. Initially I booked a free walking tour but I just didn’t want to go, so I didn’t – simple as that. The result probably means I didn’t see as much of Lisbon as I could have and didn’t experience it fully, but I took time to process things I was feeling and it worked! I arrived in my next destination – Faro – recharged and feeling like I was ready to explore. I’m proud for putting myself first.

Having taken a few days to mentally recharge, Faro seemed perfect to me. The hostel was amazing, I totally recommend it (Well’come To the Algarve) and it has a beautiful sun terrace. Faro is so small you can basically walk the whole thing in 45 minutes but I kind of loved that – it meant I could know my way around in the first evening. On my only full day there I took the super cheap ferry out to Ilha do Farol which is one of three beach islands in Faro and the boat ride alone was fun! Then I loved being a beach bum for the day, admiring the crystal clear waters and the holiday homes on the island.

Honestly it is the most clear water I’ve ever seen, it felt like I was in a movie! Additionally I sat in a beach cafe with the most stunning views while catching up with friends from home – heaven.

With excitement, I then packed up once more and headed to Lagos, my current location and officially my favourite place on the trip – coming soon!

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